14 Mar. 2017
  • By : UNIQ Solutions

Microsoft Azure AD you can manage easily Office 365 licenses

Office 365 License Management with Group-based
Microsoft launch a new feature to control the assignment of Office 365 licenses using Azure AD Groups. Using these groups to control licenses is a great idea as it simples and streamline a process that is often tedious and prone to error when administrator assign licenses to users one at a time if you buy some licenses from Microsoft, you should use them If you do not use them, you end up paying good money monthly for functionality that no one uses. Also, if you do not want to invest in a third-party product to control Office 365 licenses than you can write your own code. License management projects leverage the cmdlets in the Azure Active Directory PowerShell module.
You need an account with an Azure AD Basic license to use the new feature, which Microsoft says they will eventually incorporate into plans like Office 365 E3. If you do not have the necessary license, you can sign up for a free trial of Enterprise Mobility and Security and try your hand at license assignment.

How to manage Groups Control Licenses
The concept behind using groups to control licenses is simple. You buy a certain number of licenses of a specific type, such as Office 365 Exchange licenses. These form a pool of available licenses that administrators can assign to users. Traditionally, license assignment happens by editing user account properties through an interface like Office 365 Admin Center, or programmatically by running cmdlets from the Azure Active Directory PowerShell module. These assignments are “direct” because they result from an administrator intervention.
The new functionality allows administrators to associate one or more groups with a pool of licenses. A background AAD process then assigns a license from the pool to each member of the group. Microsoft says that license assignment or revocation happens within minutes of users joining or leaving a group used for license control. A license assigned through this method is “inherited” because a user receives it due to their membership of the group. A user can both inherited and direct assignments, but Office 365 only takes a single license from the pool.

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