17 Mar. 2017
  • By : UNIQ Solutions

O365 vs G Suite Difference

O365 vs. G Suite: Difference

Comparison between Office 365 and G Suite function internally and in the context of platforms on which you use them. Some are clearly based on Microsoft copying competitor Google and Google copying competitor Microsoft. Microsoft Office limits Android users to OneDrive cloud storage, but not iOS, MacOS, or Windows users. G Suite will not open its home page (docs.google.com) in Safari in iOS, but it can open it in Chrome in iOS; of course, you can't edit the document in the browser in either case, so that's less of a swipe at Microsoft than Microsoft’s OneDrive limitation on Android is at Google.

Platforms. Note that O365 in particular performs unevenly across browsers, so you may not get all the features indicated here. Because Windows is by far the most used computing platform and Google Chrome the most widely available browser, our web testing is based on the current Chrome in Windows 10. You can expect some features to be unavailable in Apple’s Safari and in Mozilla’s Firefox similarly you should expect features to disappear from Office once you leave Microsoft’s Windows home base; not only are browsers supported unevenly, but so are browsers across the competing operating systems. Google’s G Suite is functionally consistent across browsers, but you can't use browsers to edit on either iOS or Android and native iOS, Android mobile apps is strictly limited subsets of the browser-based G Suite, so you really need a computer to use G Suite for serious work. By contrast, the Office suite holds its own in mobile—in fact, the iOS and Android Office apps are generally more capable than the browser versions on those platforms. File transfer is generally not an issue. Files transfer well across platforms, with unsupported features usually retained when saved on versions that don’t support them.

Teams is a group messaging application organized around chatrooms. If instant messaging apps like Skype are an alternative to the telephone, Slack represents an alternative to standing around the office watercooler or hanging out in the break room. For Office 365-using organizations that are interested in the Slack model of communication, Teams is already compelling. Google, too, is pushing Hangouts in a slack like , and I daresay that both products will become the "Slack of choice" for Office 365 and G-Suite-using organizations, respectively

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