17 Feb. 2017
  • By : UNIQ Solutions

Skype for Business capabilities extended with new Virtual Health Templates


Microsoft has announced today a new set of templates aimed at extending Skype for Business capabilities for use in the healthcare sector  Andrew Bybee, principal Group Program Manager for the Skype for Business team, emphasized the constant search for innovation by modern healthcare providers. Office 365, with its Skype for Business Online component, alleviates communication obstacles, helping speed up the building of what the software giant dubs virtual consult experiences.

To further help make the phenomenon of telemedicine a widespread practice, the company has shared a set of developer tools called Virtual Health Templates. These integrate with the Skype for Business SDKs announced later, which are powered by Office 365 and Skype for Business Online. By using all these components, developers can create web and mobile experiences that integrate presence, chat, audio and video with custom business experiences.

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